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Just R is a healthcare recruitment partner with a difference

Just R is a healthcare recruitment partner with a difference

Since 2016, we have supported more than 40 NHS Trusts and healthcare organisations with challenges big and small, from transforming their recruitment function through to hiring for those hard-to-fill roles.

An experienced director, Rachael Bagshaw founded Just R after learning of the NHS’ £3.2bn annual spend on temporary agency staff and its impact on retention, culture and patient safety.

It was clear to Rachael that the traditional NHS recruitment model was broken and a new solution was needed. So, utilising her 15 years’ marketing experience, she built a team with the knowledge and skills to help the NHS do things differently.

We work with NHS Trusts and healthcare organisations to create and deliver innovative, digital attraction strategies. Our campaigns reach passive applicants instead of relying on active candidates found through job boards. Providing Trusts with the tools to deliver more effective workforce planning, our digital strategies help limit the over-reliance on temporary agency staff.

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Rachael and our team are passionate about driving change in NHS recruitment. With the development of industry shaping tools like the Recruitment Pipeline Management (RPM) system, Trusts are empowered to move towards a modern attraction model rather than the traditional transactional model of the past.

Our team understands the recruitment challenges faced by the sector. From the 40,000 nursing vacancies and 15% annual staff churn through to ethical international recruitment, our team has insight into the most efficient way of solving them.

We are committed to supporting the healthcare industry to drive positive, long-term change, constantly developing our skills and services to meet its evolving needs.

With Just R as recruitment partner, NHS Trusts and healthcare organisations can ensure they have the staff they need, when they need them, focusing on delivering the very best patient care in a safe environment.

We improve culture and patient safety

Simply filling vacancies isn’t enough for us; we help Trusts find the candidate who is the best fit both personally and professionally; people who find their place in the team and stick around. Strong teams with a positive culture has a transformative effect on patient care, while limiting vacancies and ensuring patient safety.

We’re an extension of their team

As strategic recruitment partner we work closely with our Trusts to understand their unique recruitment challenges and pain points – we build strong relationships that last and we’re trusted to get the job done.

We save time

Our experienced team can handle recruitment from start to finish – from creating and delivering the campaigns through to screening candidates prior to interview. We know what we’re doing and have the track record to prove it.

We think long-term

Our strategic approach means we can also cover future need – our campaigns often attract surplus applicants and candidates for other disciplines, allowing us to create and manage a recruitment pipeline. We also reach passive as well as active job-seekers, sowing the seed with future candidates.


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What problems do we solve?

We understand the issues NHS Trusts and healthcare organisations are facing, and work closely to remedy pain points.

For many Trusts and healthcare organisations, those issues are very specific to the organisation, whether it’s encouraging candidates to relocate, misconceptions around training and development opportunities, or competing with larger neighbouring Trusts.

Our team will work hard to help make those pain points a thing of the past. Using targeted digital campaigns, we will create powerful content – from websites and videos through to adverts and social media posts, we tell client’s stories in a persuasive, authentic way.

We know that attracting the best candidates requires more than a job description – they want to know what makes you stand out; what makes the team tick; what would life be like as part of your team.

We reduce staff turnover and improve retention by attracting and hiring the right candidates. As a result, Trusts limit vacancies and ensure patient safety is never compromised.

We also deliver emergency recruitment campaigns, allowing us to hire quickly and limit the need for expensive agency staff.

We transform Trusts’ recruitment strategy.

We are not recruiters – we’re digital natives with a deep understanding of the challenges of healthcare recruitment and the strategic nous and marketing skills to make those challenges a thing of the past.

We know that most of the UK’s 223 NHS Trusts rely on expensive temporary staff and ‘traditional’ recruitment agencies, which forms a significant part of Trust budgets. Most continue to take a reactive approach to recruiting, hiring to fill vacancies as they arise. Many of these staff stay for a short while and leave, with the process then beginning again. Teams cannot bond and this then has an effect on culture within the Trust. At the same time, potential candidates express their interest in the Trust but, because roles don’t currently exist, their details are lost. It’s expensive and time-intensive.

Just R offers a less wasteful, more effective way to recruit – using digital marketing tactics we will raise the profile of your organisation, find and attract the people you need – and who will stay – and build and manage a future recruitment pipeline of suitable candidates. And we do this at a fraction of the cost, making your budget stretch further.

Want to know more?

If you have a question or want to know more about Just R and how we can help with your healthcare recruitment, please do get in touch – we’d love to hear about your organisation and discuss how we can help you find and hire the staff you need in a more sustainable way.

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