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Just R’s x3 ways to improve your online presence and reputation today

Just R’s x3 ways to improve your online presence and reputation today

A survey by LinkedIn recently revealed that 75% of candidates will research your organisation before applying for a role – and if they don’t like what they see, a huge 69% won’t apply!

This is a huge proportion of your prospective workforce that you are potentially isolating. It has never been more vital to ensure that your positive online reputation precedes you.

1. Show your audience what you’re made of

Ask yourself – what would a prospective nurse, or other healthcare professional that you are hoping to recruit, see when they Google your organisation? It’s likely that your website would be among the first few hits thrown up on any search engine.

So would they be impressed? Is there a clear, obvious way for them to search for available job openings? Are they immediately shown impressive statistics about your Trust, unique selling points which set you apart, and warm, welcoming images?

If not, you’re not alone! Thousands of business in the UK revamp their websites every year, and Just R has worked with several Trusts in recent months to create a dedicated website for recruitment.

These websites hold pages focused on job opportunities, staff benefits, the Trust’s values, videos of staff at the hospital and information about the local area, to give any hopeful candidates a real taste of what they could expect.

2. Work on improving your rankings in search engines

Your website may not be the first thing that comes up when your Trust is Googled – but with some search engine optimisation (SEO) work, that can change.

Including key words and phrases within your organisation’s website pages will improve the position that your Trust is ranked in, and make it easier for candidates to find you among all the noise on the web!

3. Shout about good news!

If your Trust has won an Award, launched a brand new service or introduced an innovative new product or team, you need to tell the world about it! Highlighting these achievements will get your team sharing the news over social media, and will firm up your reputation in the eyes of prospective employees.

When the Just R team is creating a new digital recruitment campaign for a client, we ensure that we’re letting our carefully selected audience know all about the achievements and recognition of each Trust.

It’s a fantastic way to set yourself apart from the competition – and everyone deserves to brag about what they can do now and again!

If you’d like to find out more about how Just R can help with your recruitment needs, get in touch today!


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