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Creating a future-proofed recruitment strategy for Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS FT

Creating a future-proofed recruitment strategy for Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS FT

The UK’s fifth largest acute trust, NNUH operates with a clear vision – to provide every patient with the care we want, for those we love the most.


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When Just R was brought on board in 2018, NNUH was struggling to recruit nurses and doctors, and, crucially, persuading them to stay. Its rural location added an extra level of complexity.

Having worked with more than 30 Trusts across the country, our team quickly identified its recruitment pain points – and the solution. We aimed to solve not only its immediate staffing shortages, but refocused its recruitment strategy to take a more proactive approach.

Because of the Trust’s proactive recruitment strategy, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the UK in March 2020, NNUH was well-placed to meet additional staffing requirements.

The Results

1.2 million
people reached in 12 months
engaged via digital channels
boost in recruitment

Strategy and tactics

Like many other Trusts, NNUH focused solely on reactive recruitment.

It targeted active job seekers alone via traditional recruitment avenues and plugged gaps with temporary staffing – at significant cost to the Trust.

It was an approach that attracted a large number of transient staff, who weren’t committed to the Trust long-term and left after a short period of time. Retention was a significant issue.

Just R brought a new solution to the table – targeted digital recruitment using online advertising campaigns to reach hundreds more potential employees, including passive job seekers.

While it continued to attract and engage with active job seekers, Just R could build a future recruitment pipeline, allowing the Trust to manage need and ensure a range of skills.

It was also much more successful in reaching the right people, with the right attitude.

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Employer Brand Development

Since 2018, Just R has delivered more than 20 successful digital recruitment campaigns for NNUH.

Our first step was transforming its outdated brand, creating a striking, persuasive recruitment identity that reflected its vision and life at NNUH. Creative content and standout imagery formed the basis of several highly targeted digital advertising campaigns to attract and hire doctors and nurses.

Our campaigns have been hugely varied – ranging from gastroenterologists through to Band 5 nurses, but they all have one thing in common – they are all highly targeted and persuasive.

The Outcome

Digital recruitment has proven an effective route for NNUH, leading to a transformation of its strategy – pivoting away from a focus on costly short-term solutions with an eye on the future.

Its application process is straightforward and easy, paying dividends in times of crisis. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the average time from application to ward was 15 days.

Since 2018, our digital campaigns have attracted thousands of healthcare professionals, boosting recruitment by more than 50% – and at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruitment methods.

In the past 12 months, we have reached a total of 1.2 million people, with 52,000 engaging with the Trust via digital channels.

Now, NNUH has a recruitment strategy and a pipeline that puts the Trust in best possible shape to tackle the challenges ahead and achieve its vision.


The client said...


We have built a strong relationship with Just R over the years, which stood us in good stead when we needed to recruit quickly during the pandemic. The Norfolk needs you campaign was very successful and looped in seamlessly with our wider recruitment efforts, allowing us to find and hire the people we needed, when we needed them. We had an excellent response and could have staffed another ward if we had needed to.


Neil Fisher

Recruitment Manager
Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS FT


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