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Strategic digital recruitment campaign attracts qualified mental health nurses for NSFT

Strategic digital recruitment campaign attracts qualified mental health nurses for NSFT

Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust has a clear mission – to be a champion for positive mental health by providing safe, effective and trusted services.

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NSFT’s people are central to that mission but, like all Trusts, it faces unique recruitment challenges. Demand for services is continually increasing, while funding declines. Attracting – and keeping – staff has proven difficult.

The Trust has been commended for its caring staff and its commitment to ensuring staff feel listened to and empowered – its recruitment campaign needed to not only fill vacant positions, but recruit the right people into those roles.

It was clear that the Trust needed a more sustainable and targeted way to recruit – Just R was brought on board to make it happen, with a smart digital recruitment campaign to attract and hire qualified mental health nurses.

The Results

4 times
the expected engagement
enquiry forms received
qualified nurses

Our experienced team were quick to grasp the Trust’s recruitment challenges and set about creating a targeted digital campaign to tell its story in a more engaging way. This wasn’t the time for faceless recruitment ads and short-term strategies – we needed to dig deeper, communicating job opportunities in a more convincing way.

The strategy was designed to emphasise its many attributes, creating positive feeling around the Trust as an employer. The campaign ran for just two months and delivered outstanding results.

Our targeted digital recruitment achieved four times the expected engagement and resulted in 133 enquiries for a range of roles across the Trust, supporting additional recruitment needs.

In just eight weeks, the Trust was provided with 30 qualified nurses – at a fraction of the cost had a recruitment agency been hired, safeguarding crucial budget and equipping the Trust to provide the best possible care.

An excellent result that demonstrates the power of digital recruitment and the potential to make staff vacancies a thing of the past.


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