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Tips For Recruiting Nurses in a Crisis

Tips For Recruiting Nurses in a Crisis

While awareness for additional NHS staffing continues to be generated nationally, direct calls to action are more effective when provided by local Trusts, promoting their personal message.

Disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that the NHS needs to recruit at a speed never before seen in modern times. In order to deal with the situation, it is imperative to recruit the right people to the right roles in order to deliver the best outcome.

So how does your Trust reach skilled nurses to bolster your existing teams and provide valuable capacity to your wards?

The answer, in short, is through digital advertising.

Digital advertising is the best way to reach nurses and other skilled healthcare professionals that traditional methods may miss. Through online ads, you’ll hone in on an audience of passive jobseekers, as people follow the government-mandated advice to stay at home. Here, millions of people are glued to their screens to retain a connection to the outside world; you can reach them and compel them to join your Trust.

Below are 5 tips to follow in order to generate the best response:

  1. Post new messages daily on as many social media channels as you can, ideally including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram
  2. Create a Call to Action specifically to nurses who have previously worked for your organisation
  3. Provide clear, concise messaging with context, for example, a detailed description of the roles that you are seeking to fill
  4. Make the process for contacting the Trust as simple as possible. Provide a dedicated, manned phone line, email or ideally an online landing page (to save time for your existing workforce)
  5. Target specific groups. For example, our tailored campaigns have generated great success in targeting the following professionals:
  • Nurses working in private practice (i.e Aesthetics)
  • Research nurses
  • Recently retired nurses and doctors
  • Final year students
  • Nurses who have moved into administrative roles in the local area

Many skilled healthcare workers are aware of the national call to help during the current crisis, but many need to be reached individually. They need to be informed as to why they are needed, and what you need them to do. Awareness is generated nationally, direct calls to action are stronger when provided locally.


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