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We’re launching a new digital campaign to recruit staff for Nottinghamshire Healthcare

We’re launching a new digital campaign to recruit staff for Nottinghamshire Healthcare

The Just R team launch a brand new digital campaign to focus on recruitment for a range of new vacancies within Nottinghamshire Healthcare.

The campaign will run over a two month period and the primary objective is to recruit new vacancies within the Trust, including registered Mental Health Nurses and a range of additional clinical and non clinical roles to support Nottinghamshire Healthcare with their 5 year development plan.

Our starting point was to create a strong identity for this campaign and to host a landing page with an online enquiry form and Trac application forms.

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All activity across the newly developed Facebook page links back to this single call to action – the landing page – and our aim is to reach up to 80,000 people associated with Mental Health Nursing, over the duration of the campaign.

The content shared during this campaign is focussed not only on the type of role and securing the best candidates from within the area, but it also covers the wider appeal of the local areas and anything unique to Nottinghamshire Healthcare and the roles that we need to recruit for.

We regularly speak to members of staff to gain their first hand experience and quotes to share more widely. You can see the campaign in full swing here.

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Want to know more?

If you have a question or want to know more about Just R and how we can help with your healthcare recruitment, please do get in touch – we’d love to hear about your organisation and discuss how we can help you find and hire the staff you need in a more sustainable way.

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