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Who’s behind the job title?

Who’s behind the job title?

Your organisation’s values and beliefs have never been more important. While they’re vital in ensuring your staff know exactly how they should be conducting themselves and what they should expect from their employer day to day, they’re also essential in ensuring you attract the right candidates to your organisation.

Creating the right culture and belief system comes from the people that make up your organisation, not least those in charge. The strong values your organisation holds should be embodied by team leaders and the C-suite at every opportunity. Injecting a sense of personality into the organisation’s culture can be tricky, but being able to put a face to the values that you hold dear is priceless.

Candidates for clinical roles will want to understand who is behind the C-level job titles at the Trust in which they are spending their careers. They’ll want to understand how they represent the values that the organisation is holding, and gain an understanding about how their experiences, both professional and personal, have shaped their careers.

Integrating leaders into recruitment campaigns is vital to attract the kind of candidates you want to match the organisation’s culture, which is why Just R is excited to be working with Jack Jacob, the host of The PNE Podcast. In his latest podcast series, Jack interviews a C-level executive from a whole host of different industries, to get a sense of the person behind the job title.

Just R has sponsored the very first episode in the series, which features an in-depth interview with James Devine, Chief Executive Officer at Medway NHS Foundation Trust. The conversation touches on pivotal moments in James’ life including his upbringing, school life, ambitions and everything in between which has seen him reach CEO level.

It shows the human being behind one of the most powerful job titles in the country – and proves why positive culture, values and those who back them, should be at the centre of recruiting the next generation of staff.

You can listen to this episode and others in The PNE Podcast series for free using the link below:


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